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Electronics Engineering
Scheme: REV2010Programme Code: EL
S. NoCodeCourseModel Question Papers
Semester I
11001English - I1001
21002Technical Mathematics I1002
31003Applied Science I1003
41004General Engineering1004
52001Technology in Society2001
61017-1Engineering Graphics
7101General Workshop
8105-1Applied Science Lab
9201Informatics Practices
Semester II
31014English - II1014
41015Technical Mathematics II1015
51016Applied Science II1016
61018Programming Methodology1018
73001Basic Electronics3001
81017-2Engineering Graphics
9104General Workshop II
10105-2Applied Science Lab
11301Basic Electronics Lab
Semester III
13057Electrical Technology3057
23058Electronic Circuits3058
33059Digital Electronics3059
43060Programming in C3060
5202Health & Physical Education
6334Electronic Circuits Lab
7335Digital Electronics Lab
8336C Programming Lab
Semester IV
13061Linear Integrated Circuits3061
23062Electronic Instruments and Measurements3062
34045Communication Engineering4045
44046Microprocessors and Microcontrollers4046
5203Life Skills
6439Analog IC and Communication Lab
7440Microcontroller & Interfacing Lab
8441PCB Design & SPICE Lab
Semester V
12004Industrial Management & Safety2004
24047Industrial Electronics and PLC4047
34048Computer Hardware & Networking4048
44049Audio & Video Systems4049
55040Advanced Microprocessors5040
65041Digital Signal Processing5041
75042Control Systems5042
85043Artificial Neural Network5043
9442Industrial Electronics and PLC Lab
10443Computer Hardware & Networking Lab
116001Industrial Training / Industrial Visit / Collabora6001
126002-1Project and Seminar
Semester VI
22003Environmental Science & Disaster Management2003
34050Modern Communication Systems4050
44051Embedded Systems4051
54052HDL and Simulation Software 4052
65047Radar and Microwave Systems5047
75048Medical Electronics5048
85049Digital Image Processing5049
95050Graphics & Multimedia5050
10444Embedded Systems Lab
126002-2Project and Seminar
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